1. Evaluation (revaluation) of fixed assets, taking into account the accounting policy of the enterprise, the provisions of national legislation, national and international accounting standards;
  2. Application of various valuation methods: method of comparative analysis of sales, method of expenses, method of income;
  3. Real estate activities on real estate;
  4. Training in numerous real estate appraisal projects located on the territory of the Republic of Moldova for various purposes: sale-purchase, mortgage, etc.

The listed works are usually performed in three stages:

1.Preparatory stage:

  • Receiving the technical task and preparing the contractual documentation;
  • Studying the existing materials on the requested real estate:
    • initial property materials – Provisional title, Certificate of ownership, Certificate of inheritance, etc .;
    • privatization documentation – Sale-purchase contract, Title of authentication of the land owner’s right;
    • documents that reflect the execution of certain transactions – Contracts (donation, sale-purchase, etc.), Court Decisions, Certificates of inheritance, etc.
  • Collection and analysis of materials about previously executed geodetic works (compaction networks, topographic surveys, etc.) on the indicated territory;
  • Preparation of the work schedule according to the Client’s requirements.


2.Field stage:

  • Territorial investigation works;
  • Identification of real estate in the field;
  • Field works as a whole: creation (development) of the geodetic thickening network, topographic survey, geodetic measurements, including marking of capital constructions;
  • Calculation works and pre-processing of the obtained data, in order to ensure an effective quality control.


3.Chamber stage:

  • Completion of the required documentation:
    • Cadastral / geometric plan of the real estate;
    • Real estate training project;
    • Act establishing fixed boundaries;
    • Field finding document when modifying the cadastral / geometric plan;
    • Cadastral / geodetic expertise report;
    • Real estate appraisal report, etc.
  • Creating (updating) the topo-geodetic plans – the final processing of the field materials with the evaluation of the precision of the obtained results;
  • In case of necessity, the coordination of the communications indicated in the topographic plan with the corresponding institutions;
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