Theoretical calculations of the cost of a house are one thing, but practice is another. Very often, the cost of building a house in theory is significantly different from how much it will cost in practice, if it is done by a person who has taken up the construction of his own house for the first time.

This happens due to ignorance of the subtleties and nuances, as well as from unscrupulous advertising with attractive prices. As a result, the estimated cost of building a house during construction increases several times. But since construction has begun, then there is nowhere to go, you have to pay.

To prevent this from happening, in this article we will give real prices (relevant for 2020), repeatedly tested in practice.

1st stage: Project

Building a house starts with a project. The cost of an individual project without any particular difficulties is 700-1000 rubles. per sq.m., i.e. project for 150 sq.m. will cost 100-150 tr. You can save a lot and buy a finished project, its price fluctuates around 30-40 tr, while you can make adjustments to it. There are so many ready-made solutions that you can easily choose the one you like and save a lot on the project.

For a house project of 150 sq.m. you will pay ~ 30 tr. (if you buy a finished project).

2nd stage: Foundation

Foundation arrangement. Based on the calculations in the project, as well as the state of the soil, a foundation is selected. Timber houses are light, so a pile-screw foundation is perfect for them. The main question that arises is which piles to choose (length, diameter, number and size of blades), these parameters depend on the soil in your area. In this matter, you will be helped by employees of the company who sell and install piles. The cost of one pile is 1-3 tr., with installation 3-5 tr. One pile can withstand from 1.5 to 2 tons.

Pile-screw foundation for a house made of timber 150 sq.m. will cost ~ 120-150 tr.

3rd stage: Box

Box made of profiled timber. To do this, you will have to buy a profiled timber, deliver it to the site, properly store it (so as not to deteriorate) and build a box. If you have never built a house before, it will be cheaper to hire specialists. The cost of the box, taking into account materials, delivery and construction, is 5000-6000 rubles. per sq.m. by gender.

House box 150 sq.m. will cost 750-825 tr.

4th stage: Roof

The cost of a roof can vary significantly, depending on the configuration, roofing material, thermal and hydro-noise insulation, gutters, cornices and other things. It is extremely difficult to give the correct price, but from experience we can say that the cost of a roof should be approximately 1000-1400 rubles per sq.m.

Roof for a house 150 sq.m. will cost 150-200 tr.

5th stage: Windows

Like a roof, the cost of glazing a house can vary significantly, depending on the material of the frames, double-glazed windows, fittings, etc. The average cost of a window is calculated at the rate of 5 tr. per sq.m. on glass. The window area in a 15-20 meter room is ~ 2.5 sq.m. The number of windows in the house is 150 sq.m. ~ 12-14.

The cost of glazing the house is 150 sq.m. – 150-200 tr.

6th stage: Doors

Prices for the front door start from 20 tr, interior doors with installation 8-12 tr, these will be turnkey economy class doors. The number of entrance doors is 2, interior doors will need 7-8 pieces.

The cost of all doors for the house is 150 sq.m. ~ 120-140 tr.

To summarize: 1 million 445 tr. 30 tr. (project) + 135 tr. (foundation) + 800 tr. (box) + 175 tr. (roof) + 175 tr. (windows) + 130 tr. (doors).

The price does not include finishing, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation.

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