If you live in a private home or your workplace is indoors, you will most likely need to get out of your car at least 4 times a day to open and close the gate. If there are other activities on the list of daily tasks – children’s groups, food shopping, hobbies, meeting friends or visiting clients, opening and closing the gate can become quite a laborious task.

It is also necessary to take into account weather conditions and the specifics of existing gates – heavy industrial gates, outdated mechanisms, strong gusts of wind or snow and icing in winter. All this can become an additional cause for concern and make unexpected changes to your plans.

Automation for gates entered the Russian market back in the 90s, and relatively recently gained really wide popularity. Today, more and more people prefer automatic gate systems, because they not only significantly improve the quality of life and comfort level, but also provide additional security and protection of the object.

Which gate automation to choose?

Gate automation is a safe, convenient, functional and reliable solution for accessing a garage space, which is suitable for installation at various facilities – in the yards of private houses, closed parking lots, garages, hangars, as well as industrial facilities. The market for gate automation is quite wide, but most often customers choose automation for swing gates and automation for sliding gates. Each gate system has its own advantages, therefore, when choosing the most suitable solution, it is necessary to evaluate the parameters of the gate (weight, type), intensity of use and area of ​​​​the access zone.

Sliding gates in small areas help to save money and use the roadway more efficiently, as the gate moves to the left or right along the inside of the fence. Swing gates require more space, but often this gate system is chosen for aesthetic reasons.

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