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How to clean finished wood furniture with Danish oil?

Danish oil is a drying oil, meaning when used as a topcoat, it penetrates the wood fibers, repelling moisture and hardening it. Most oil finish jobs require periodic replenishment of the same oil to renew the protective properties of the finish while brightening it, leaving behind a clean, fresh look. With this use, danish oil becomes part […]

Gate automation – why is it needed?

If you live in a private home or your workplace is indoors, you will most likely need to get out of your car at least 4 times a day to open and close the gate. If there are other activities on the list of daily tasks – children’s groups, food shopping, hobbies, meeting friends or visiting […]

Benefits of underfloor heating

Regardless of the type of underfloor heating, this type of heating has a number of significant advantages over the traditional wall-mounted radiator system. Radiators provide heat to a room by heating the air in the room, while underfloor heating systems transfer heat from a very large surface area that is only slightly warmer than the […]


Evaluation (revaluation) of fixed assets, taking into account the accounting policy of the enterprise, the provisions of national legislation, national and international accounting standards; Application of various valuation methods: method of comparative analysis of sales, method of expenses, method of income; Real estate activities on real estate; Training in numerous real estate appraisal projects located […]

GEODESY services

1. Topographic-geodetic works for the creation of the unique cadastral system; 2. Geodetic measurements in the field in order to prepare the cadastral documentation in view privatization; 3. Transposition of borders in kind, their coordination and / or establishment in the field; 4. Creating the geometric base for the cadastral plans; 5. Creation of geodetic […]

CADASTRE services

  1. Preparation of cadastral documentation for the purpose of privatization of real estate and registration of property / use rights:
    • drawing up the Geometric Plan of the real estate;
    • preparation of the Real Estate Formation Project (separation, merger, division, combination);
    • formation of cadastral files for coordination and / or establishment of boundaries;
    • materials regarding the systematization and / or relocation of real estate, etc.
  2. Assistance in the registration of property / use rights at the Public Services Agency;
  3. Execution of the technical cadastral / geodetic expertise on real estate;
  4. Providing multilateral consultations in the field of land and real estate registration;
  5. Creating the project of the territorial cadastral plan;
  6. Cadastral works for massive primary registration;
  7. Computerization of cadastral information systems;
  8. Establishment and renewal of information databases, property registers.